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Moments always stretch how personal and important their lyrics are. After speaking up on the reality of having and fighting one’s dark side with “Nemesis”, self-isolation with “These Walls”, inequality and racism with “Empathy”, they are now opening up with “Out of Sight” and talking about the pain of unshared love.

“Out of Sight” is an energetic and intense track that takes the listener on the journey of a one-sided love story and the frustration that comes with it, backed by a powerful and raging instrumental background. 

Born and bred in a small Belgian town within walking distance from each other, the five friends that are Moments stand to share the same intimate connection with their fans. Channeling the power of heavy riffs and catchy choruses, Moments strive to be a vessel of hope, unity and friendship. Returning with their new singles “Nemesis“, “These Walls“, “Empathy” and “Out of Sight” introducing a new era for the band, they have never been more confident, energized and determined to spread their vision and reach out to those who might be seeking community out there. Having already played renowned festivals such as Groezrock, Jera On Air, Graspop Metal Meeting or Summerblast to name a few, Moments have an expansive live experience of hundreds of shows and have no intention of slowing down. Their new EP “Is There A Cure?” is coming on November 27th 2020 and will have the band continue to raise awareness on topics such as mental health, justice, human rights, freedom of speech, climate change and bring light to controversial matters.

“Is There A Cure?”
[November 27th 2020]
Metal, Hardcore
Base:  Belgium
Label / Booking / Press: 
Anchor Agency


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