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“Pánico” – video  by LA MILAGROSA from seame name album out via IRON LUNG Records


En la calle me sonrio pienso que estoy bien
Mi reflejo no demuestra mi verdadero ser
Evitando Situaciones para no terner que hablar
Se me nubla la mirada, ya no puedo respirar

Tengo un Ataque de panico (x2)
Siento que el corazon se me sale por la boca

Se apodera el nerviosismo, me tiemblan los pies
Hoy me siento debil, parece ser peor que ayer
Sudo frio y mi cuerpo ya no puedo controlar
Siento que el pecho me quiere explotar

Tengo un ataque de panico (x2)
Siento que el corazon se me sale por la boca

[January 28, 2022]
punk, political punk, raw punk
Base:  New York, US
Label / Booking / Press: 


Passionate, claustrophobic, angry protest hardcore played by Puerto Rican punks in NYC. “Pánico” is a scathing reflection on what it’s like to be alive and in the streets screaming for change in a world full of bigotry and deafness. The pure systemic stupidity is truly panic inducing. You feel your body start turning on itself and suffocating from the outside in. A bitter fucking reality aggressively squeezing the last breath from your body.

500 copies of 150gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with lyrics insert and download card included. Recorded and mastered by Sasha Stroud. Art by Robin, Amanda Pelaez, Dhania Martinez and German Troche.



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