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More than two years have passed since Deseized released their critically lauded “A Thousand Forms of Action” EP and now they are back with another hard hitting 5-track release titled “Paradigms”. Deseized have spent most of this time honing their craft and perfecting their songs with painstaking detail, a fact that is clearly represented through these five new tracks. Although this new material offers a much more diverse and eclectic sound, Paradigms still maintain the heavy riffs and raw, growling vocals that have been a trademark for the band through the years, as well as the grander melodic elements that make up part of Deseized’s allure.
The songs themselves are mainly written by guitarist Semming Haraldsen, and the lyrics are done by vocalist Andreas Lien. On “Paradigms”, the lyrics are personal and sensible, yet aggressive and perhaps angrier than ever. The themes range from the dark mind of the modern man in a modern society to the grander schemes of how we as a people (dis)connect in the larger collective.
As a culmination of a nearly two year writing process, and almost six months recording process, “Paradigms” shows us the apex of Deseized’s creativity and skill, and is bound to change the Norwegian metal scene forever. This is a modern metal record, conceived under the boundaries and freedoms of our modern global climate – and it is sure to resonate with an increasingly diverse and frustrated audience worldwide.


[March 23, 2018]

metal core, progressive metal

Oslo, Norway

Label / Booking:
Negative Vibe Records / Viral Propaganda PR









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