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Love Records presents:
“The Next Chapter” the most Punk album of recent times!

People Hate Each Other release the second album “The next chapter” and it’s the most punk album of recent times.
Fuck the cool punks who spend money to be fashionable, the ironed tshirt, the cool jacket and the new cap… Fuck everyone. Punk was not this, punk is not this, punk will never be as you have made it become. Punk must give voice to those who have no voice, and do not to give voice to those who think that an artist is the one who has spent a lot of money … because let’s face it, you think exactly like the most snobbish of the wealthy: “if you’ve spent a lot of money it must be a good job!”, if you’re not cool, if you don’t act like a star, if you’re a loser “you can’t be punk”, because now you have to be cool, rich and follow punk stereotypes to be punk … but once upon a time these people were beaten by real and old punks … You are just a bunch of cowards hiding behind the money in your perfect little house with 30 degrees even in winter to be able to stay in your t-shirt and show off the trendy tattoos … well the People Hate Each Other tell you “go fuck yourself!”. Here is the new record. It was home recorded, it wasn’t mixed by a pro, it wasn’t mastered anywhere.
All the work cost only several electricity bills and human effort. Nothing else. The songs talk about my world, my pessimistic, ironic, cynical and romantic vision of life. This is the most punk album of recent times.
In summary The next chapter is a self-produced album by Love Records that sees Sid Parrot playing the role of author, arranger, musician, sound engineer and mastering. It sounds very 90s without pretending to be perfect considering it was produced at no cost. The cover is designed by the American illustrator Washbeast. The topics you can find are social problems, politics, personal feelings and emotions. Everything in old-style punk, punk rock, Epitaph style, 90s punk, melodic hardcore, ska and rock ‘n’ roll as a communication vehicle. The next chapter was released on September 7th and you can find it for sale on Bandcamp where you will also find the first work self titled by People Hate Each Other.
The Next Chapter is available on all digital stores from September 17th.

"The Next Chapter"  

[September 17, 2022]
punk rock, rock, skapunk
Firenze, Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 

Love Records  loverecordsassociazione@gmail.com


People Hate Each Other was born in 2018 and in January 2020 thefirst album self/titled was released. Following the pandemic the group splits up and remains a solo project of Sid Parrot, the band leader (active in the punk scene since the late 90s with Riot Flowers, Woody Wood Punks, Mascarpones) author of all the songs of People Hate Each Other.
During the pandemic period he carried the project live only with acoustic guitar and vocals, touring Italy and opening concerts to important bands. He participated in “Rockers United” by Viboras in 2020 singing in the song “For every fall”; the song “Conspiracy” was included in a punk compilation for Inconsapevole Records; “Hate” was included in the Burning Bridges compilation by Radio Ponte and other songs have been featured on several independent compilations.
In 2021 “Hate” is broadcast on Rodney Bingenheimer’s iconic rock DJ radio program “The Underground Garage”. Sid Parrot is also present in the preface of “Do what you want- The story of Bad Religion” written by Bad Religion and Jim Ruland and also appears, as a translator, in “This is Joe public speaking” by Anthony Davie, a book that collects the testimonies of fans who met Joe Strummer and The Clash.
In 2022 Sid Parrot finally worked on the realization of The Next Chapter, the second work of People Hate Each Other, which have become a solo project and are produced by Love Records, a cultural association and record label founded by Sid Parrot himself and his partner Maria. Francesca Coeli (with whom he also has a musical project called Marlena & Sid which will soon be released with the first album) to spread music, art and culture.

… “Terrible Monster”



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