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A four-piece Italian “heavy pop” band, PHEROMONES are the new addition to the independent record label WWNBB, for whom they are preparing to release their first and disruptive self-titled LP on October 20th, 2023.

In this new record, the band plays on two opposing registers, which nevertheless blend perfectly
between one track and the next.
On the one hand, there is the energetic brightness of a certain 90s and 2000s indie, in the
territories of Gossip, Le Tigre and Death Valley Girls: hyper-kinetic punk dance songs with a
pronounced riot grrrl accent given by Margherita’s singing (highlighted by songs like Wake Up,
the album’s single; or Brain Shock, the sparkling opening track reminiscent of Breeders).
On the other side, we find tribal and gloomy rhythms overlaid by a triumphantly noisy vitriolic
guitar, mindful of the most obsessive post-punk aesthetics, in agreement with the screamed
and at times desperate minimalism of the lyrics (just listen to the syncopated and sharp
Alcoholwhore or the rough and sensual Dancing Queen; two different faces of a unifying female
experience narrated throughout the LP).

In the album’s third episode, No Flowers, the band starts with the more saturated colours of
punk funk and then declaims in a triumph of distortions the nihilism of a lyric based on negation
(«I got no fear for my life. I got no money for my drugs. I got no music for my dance. I got no love
for myself. I got no tears for myself»). In Sick Love, the experience of love can only prove to be
renouncing when confronted with the lack of reciprocity, so there is nothing left to do but to
make a clean sweep of one’s own feelings («I’m not really sure how deep is your love so I wish to
destroy my love for you») and, as in the concluding Honey, to rebel against any prospect of a
toxic relationship («Ehi honey, I don’t wanna be your best drug»)

8 tracks moving between disparate musical suggestions, in a continuous balancing act between
light-heartedness and discomfort: an explosive combination capable of overwhelming the
listener like a river in flood through a frenetic and galloping rhythm section that dialogues with a
rebellious and cutting vocality, all amplified by guitar lashings that strike like an unexpected
punch to the stomach.


[October 20th 2023]
garage rock, heavy pop

Label / Booking / Press: 

We Were Never Being Boring Collective


PHEROMONES: Margherita Deimichei (vocals), Alberto Capuzzo (guitar), Lorenzo
Tonolli (bass), Filippo Balestra (drums).
Lyrics and music by Pheromones.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Piffer (Frizzer Studio).
Artwork by Filippo Balestra.

… “Brain Shock”



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