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Polina Suffer
release “Agonia Market”
out on May 25th 2023

“Agony is a visceral centrifuge that precedes oblivion and silence.
Tasting its excruciating juice in a test tube is frightening, as is the courageous will to understand its extent.
Agonia Market is the impetuous attempt to give a home to this sensation and equally the failed awareness of its nomadic and blurry being.
Pain, eros, anger and enlightenment chase each other intermittently in a brazen, frank and impudent coexistence.
But it is also a supportive and warm animal encounter, which doesn’t have the intention to fade.”

Polina Suffer is a twilight jolt made by empty tunnels with wanderers inside, seeking in the night their deepest nature.

Our music is a reflection of the collective pain that dwells in the hearts of men.

Our love is the music found in the lantern of the wayfarer, the rest is plastic and iron.

We are Tommaso Leporale and Beatrice Bartolini.

"Agonia Market"  

Polina Suffer
[May 25, 2023]
coldwave, darkwave, goth-rock, postpunk
Torino, Italy


Photo by our lovely Licia 
D.I.Y. Recorded and mixed in their cave/basement in Milan

… “Plastic Regrets”


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