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Redemption is the new album of the power / prog band HIDDEN LAPSE

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Hidden Lapse is a new melodic metal band hailing from Italy, deeply influenced by the progressive metal scene as well as the modern and alternative metal.
The power trio line-up, featuring Alessia Marchigiani – Vocals, Marco Ricco – Guitars, Romina Pantanetti – Bass, will release their 11 tracks debut album “Redemption” next June 2, 2017 via Rockshots Records.
More than a story, “Redemption” is a metaphor. Yes, something happens, but you don’t get to know if it is real, an intimate journey or just a bizzarre version of an everyday tale. We use the story to talk about drugs abuse, death sentence and genderal absence of empathy. Indifference kills.

We have two main nameless characters: the Young Girl and her Son.

She got into prostitution when she was young. She was a pusher, too. She got in love with a guy from the street and gets pregnant. He dies devastated by drug abuse, but before leaving, he asks her to keep their baby anyway.

So she tries to get on the “right way” and start growing the newborn. It doesn’t take a long time for him to fall in the same abyss as his mother’s.

Suffering follows. Hate and love between them: she gets beaten, hated. Drug blinds. Grim societies do it too.

When he’s a teen, he prepares a perfect crime for money, but She follows him and when police is coming, she gets the fault and let him flee.

She gets death sentenced, since in the end she gets the fault for any of her son’s crimes.

Near death, a few minutes before the execution, she thinks back and decides that she would never let her son see the light again if she had the chance to choose again. Love is not enough.

From “Silent Sacrifice”, where we see her “crime” from the eyes of a detective and get a glimpse about her intentions and love we go back through her suffering and considerations about the decaying world around her. We touch the lack of empathy in “Compassion”, the grim fate reserved to those who fight alone in “Drop”, we see a direct and intimate struggle between them in “Pure”.

In “Awareness” we reconnect with the timeline, months after “Silent Sacrifice”: she’s walking to the “silver chair” and, weak and powerless, decides to accept the sentence, but to repudiate her own choices.

“No one deserves a pain like this” she says in “Redemption”.  

We believe all people are equal in death. Redemption is a distant mirage, not for everyone.



Hidden Lapse


[September 8, 2017]

Metal / Progressive Metal

Fabriano (AN) – Italy

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Hidden Lapse


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