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release “Agony & Madness” 
Out on February 23rd 2024

Here is Human Farm, our ultimate monument of fuzz worshipping, riff-driven stoner attitude and 70’s imbued heavy desert rock. You can feel Etna’s black volcanic ash in your mouth while listening to the eight chapters of our psychedelic (yet brutally honest) tale, that fits very well with the twisted world we all live in these days. A morbid production line of faceless human beings sharing the same fate: becoming the cogs of the same big machinery that created them all… unless some discarded brains jam the well oiled gears of the big factory. Meet the absurd creatures of Human Farm’s psychedelic voyage, so sit back, take a deep breath and dive into this unforgettable trip where madness and reality melts, fading the line that tells each other apart.


1.Agony & Madness 
2.Planet of Dust 
3.Gentle Sound of the Knife 
4.Human Farm 
5.Magic Water (feat. Cristina Chimirri) 
6.Big Clouds Again 
8.Fast Radio Burst 

"Gentle Sound of the Knife" 

[February 23rd 2024]
heavy stoner, psychedelic rock
Base:  Italy


Special guest: Cristina Chimirri, vocals on Magic Water

Recorded at Desert Door Studios by Frank Door and Rhino
Mixed at NuevArte Studios by Carlo Longo
Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork and Layout by Chiara Abramo
Additional design by Francesco Bauso

Label / Booking / Press:

Argonauta Records / Grand Sounds PR


“Agony & Madness”



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