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Nearly five years following the release of their critically lauded Consouling Sounds debut “A Sign of Time”, Belgian post-metal group return with their fourth album “Sassuma Arnaa”.
Just like its predecessors, “Sassuma Arnaa” has shaped up to be a conceptual album, this time focusing on the sea. Being a very personal album for all the members of Maudlin, who all live near the shores of the North Sea, this new effort reflects on the several antagonisms of the sea, it gives and it takes, it beats and anoints and its immense beauty is always in stark contrast to its grand brutality.
To capture the feel of this concept, Maudlin opted to record the album in their hometown and together with producer Serge Feys, known for his work for with artists like Arno, T.C. and Matic among others, they locked themselves up in the cellars of ‘De Grote Post’, the cultural centre of their beloved Ostend.
A month after the recordings, Matt Bayles, known from his duties for Mastodon, Isis, Russian Circles, took over from Serge Feys. Matt, who comes from a family of seafarers, was immediately intrigued by the concept and added his own twist to it with his outstanding mixing job at his Red Room Studios in Seattle.
All together they managed to push the boundaries and transformed Maudlin into a psychedelic prog-rock and doom-influenced band that is somewhat reminiscent of Alice In Chains with a slight of Porcupine Tree twist and enveloped in a Hawkwind mist. With this album under their belt Maudlin is ready, more than ever, to leave an over lasting impression on their long-time fans and conquer new listeners as well.

“Sassuma Arnaa”

“Sassuma Arnaa”
[February 23, 2018]

rock, doom, post-hardcore, post-rock, psychedelic rock

Oostende, Belgium

Label / Booking:
Consouling Sounds Viral Propaganda PR





Jasper Bullynck – guitar & vocals
Kris Vannecke – guitar & vocals
Ken Verleye – bass & vocals
Davy Vandenbroecke – drums
Davy De Schrooder – vocals & samples


Sassuma Arnaa


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