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“EP セレナーデ (Serenades)!”
[October 20, 2017]

Genere: Alternative Rock

Base: Valenciennes, France

Label / Booking:
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Alternative rock band FAREWELL IN VEGAS releases debut EP “セレナーデ (Serenades)”!

bio / about

Farewell in Vegas is a French Alternative Rock band which consists of Jia Dabright (vocals), Théo Brasseur (bass – guitar), François Blanckaert (guitar) and Arnaud Lefebvre (drums).
“ミ カ サ (Mikasa)”, the band’s debut single, was released in February 2016. After a year of waiting, it is finally in February 2017 that the band will resume the teasing of its debut EP “セ レ ナ ー デ (Serenades)”.

The fans of the band have therefore had the opportunity to discover, over the months, the complete tracklist of the EP:
 “ミカサ (Mikasa)”
“エルビラ (Elvira)”
“ゼルダ (Zelda)”
“サクラ (Sakura)”
 “ブルマ (Bulma)”

The band is already very successful on social networks and especially on YouTube, with an average of 35,000 views per video.





The EP “Serenades” is so named because each song is a kind of ode to love in different forms. From a tumultuous history (Sakura) to passion and fulfillment (Bulma), we can easily identify ourselves to one of the songs, or even several or all, why not!
On an aesthetic side, the EP “Serenades” reflects a period, a state of mind of the life of the band, at the time of its composition.
Jia and Theo being at the origin of this band, it is their passions for Japanese culture, the 80s and their flashy lights, as well as video games that are at the origin of such a visual.
In the end, “Serenades” is a photograph of a period of life of the founding members of the band, and stories of life told through rock, sometimes soft, sometimes more brutal.


“サクラ (Sakura)”






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