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Canada’s ENDAST Return After 5 Years With A Blistering New Single “Standby To Get Some”

Montreal’s Endast have been silent since 2015 after calling it quits and ending their decade long career. However, one of the silver linings of the global pandemic was the core members of the band reuniting organically and committing to release a new single. As vocalist James Arsenian puts it:

“My brother Chris presented me and the other boys in the band with the idea of writing a new Endast tune. We haven’t written music together in years, so we were all pretty stoked to put this together, even if we had to do it remotely and apart from each other. The result is a familiar sound with a newfound level of aggression. This is just the start”

The single “Standby To Get Some” is fresh, yet familiar; a track long time fans of the band will appreciate and one that will garner them new fans hanging out in every corner of the world. Starting with a somber melodic intro that breaks into classic Endast breakdowns, and gritty, aggressive vocals, Endast proves they can still bring it.

As one of Canada’s most prolific metalcore acts, Endast has toured the country extensively and recorded four full-length albums. Now they have returned with plans to release more singles and they are currently working on a music video for the single which will be released in the future. 

Top L-R: Chris Arsenian (guitar), Pepe Poliquin (guitar\vocals) – Bottom L-R: James Arsenian (guitar). Ryan Miller (Bass)

“Standby To Get Some”
[July 30, 2020]
Base:  Montreal – Canada
Label / Booking / Press: 
Asher Media


James Arsenian – bigmetal@gmail.com

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