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“Open Wide”
out on July 23rd 2020 

Formed in 2016 and disappeared a couple of years later, Spidergags it’s the kind of punk band you start when you’re 14. Our average age is 26. Never fucking grow up!

Originally recorded in 2018, this is the first infamous Spidergags album!

Guitar and Vocals: Andy
Bass and Vocals: Carlotta
Drums: Raffo

“Open Wide”
[July 23, 2020]
punk, folkpunk, hardcorepunk, punkrock, skatepunk
Base:  Corbetta (MI) – Italy


OPEN WIDE is OUT NOW! The full album is now available on YouTube and on Bandcamp for FREE DOWNLOAD! 

Songs by Andrea Ramponi Recorded by Danilo Longano and Andrea Ramponi Mix & Master by Andrea Ramponi Artwork by Andrea Ramponi Special thanks to Andrea Codini and Lineout




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