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Hadeon was formed in 2014 by Alessandro Floreani (guitar), Fabio Flumiani (guitar), Federico Driutti (vocals and keyboard), Gianluca Somma (bass) and Lorenzo Blasutti (drums).

In September 2015, Gianluca Somma was replaced by Gianluca Caroli on bass.
With the new line-up, the band finally completed the preparations of its first full-length album, Sunrise, which was released on 2 December 2017.
On the same day, Emanuele Stefanutti officially replaced Lorenzo Blasutti on drums.

The musical intention of Hadeon is characterized by a strong melodic mood that opens to compositional experimentation. The song structures often do not follow the traditional chorus-verse formula but develop more like a continuous musical-expressive flow.

The bands that influence Hadeon the most are Dream Theater, Threshold, King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Moon Safari, Leprous, IQ , Pendragon, Echolyn , Porcupine Tree, Haken.


The album Sunrise bases its roots in the nature of the human being.
By using music as a communicative element, Hadeon identify some of the disorders and illnesses that affect the moderm man.

Such dramas are manifested as characters that tell their stories to the listener through the songs.
Throughout the listening, the songs becomes increasingly gloomy and sad examining the most desperate cases.
The intent of Sunrise focuses on the search of oneself through sorrow, on the need and the will to always find the remedy even in the most extreme cases to end the distress and return to the light.




[December 2, 2017]

progressive metal

Udine, Italy

Label / Booking:
TheRockBuzz Promotion


Federico Driutti (vocals & keyboard)
Alessandro Floreani (guitars)
Fabio Flumiani (guitars)
Gianluca Caroli (bass)
Emanuele Stefanutti (drums)


“Thoughts ‘n’ Sparks”


TheRockBuzz Promotion
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