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Plateau Sigma
“Symbols – The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below” 
out on October 24th 2019



Manuel Vicari – Vocals and Guitars
Francesco Genduso – Vocals and Guitars
Maurizio Avena – Bass
Nino Zuppardo – Drums

“Symbols – The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below” 

[October 24, 2019]

Genre: funeral doom, experimental

Base:  Taggia, Italy





Eleonora Amerio – Additional Vocals on Track 4, Bass Synth on track 6
Walter Rinaldi – Additional Vocals on Track 2
Giovanni Zuppardo – Piano on Track 8

Band photo by Jessica Zambellini
Artwork and layout by STRX

All songs writtenand arranged by Manuel Vicari and Plateau Sigma.
Lyrics by Manuel Vicari.

Recorded between January and June 2019 at ONDA Studio by Francesco Genduso.
Mixed by Francesco Genduso
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Produced by Francesco Genduso and Plateau Sigma


… “A Parody of Medea”



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