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The new  Thirdsphere album comes with 10 songs and 2 invited musicians, Mendel Bij (Aborted) and Andrew Ivashchenko (Shokran)

Produced by Vasco Ramos (More Than a Thousand) and Tiago Canadas, mixed and mastered at Poison Apple Studios.


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Thirdsphere had its inception in April 2008, and right now they are the following: Nuno Cardoso – Vocal; Francisco Beato –
Guitar; Filipe Pereira – Guitar; Francis Cappola – Drums.
December 2008 saw the release of the demo CD ‘This is a Thirdsphere CD’.
Afterwards, in March 2010, they released their first EP, ‘Fire’, produced by Thirdsphere and João Gonçalves and mixed/mastered by Justin Rosander at JSM Studios.’FIRE’, which featured the song ‘Awakening The Dormant’, included in two compilations: Infektion #1, and Underground n Proud #2. For this release they created two music videos, for the songs”From Ashes We Rise” and “The Awakening Dormant” . During this period the Thirdsphere has shared the stage with acts likes Moonspell, Switchtense, Bizarra Locomotiva, and others.
In December 2013, an EP was released, called ICE. It featured the Portuguese guitar player Ricardo Gordo as guest. It was the second release of Thirdsphere, a CD produced/mixed and mastered by Luis Marques at United Studios.
After awhile Thirdsphere released a new song, ‘Unbelievable’, a cover of the famous 1990 single by the British band EMF.
In August 2017 the band did its first European Tour, as a way to kickstart the upcoming release.
SYZYGY is the new and latest album which will be released in December 2017, Produced by Vasco Ramos (More Than a Thousand, Hills Have Eyes, Aphonic), Tiago Canadas and Thirdsphere, recorded, mixed and mastered at Poison Apple Studios. Andrew Ivashchenko (Shokran) and Mendel Bij De Leij (Aborted) were two of the guest participations on the latest Thirdsphere’s album.


‘SYZYGY’ is the third release of Thirdsphere, recorded in 2017 in Poison Apple Studios. Produced by Vasco Ramos (More Than A Thousand, All Faces Down, Hills Have Eyes, Aphonic, etc), Tiago Canadas and Thirdsphere, mixed and mastered by Tiago Canadas at Poison Apple Studios. After the departure of João Gonçalves & Luke Felgueira in March 2017 (founding guitarists of the band), Thirdsphere changed their formation to Francisco Beato and Filipe Pereira on the guitars. The song ‘Hammers’ have the participation on the guitar of Mendel Bij de Leij, guitarist of the Belgium band “Aborted”, and IR Interferemce have the participation on the vocal of Andrew Ivashchenko the front man of the Russian band “Shokran”.
Two singles were already taken from ‘SYZYGY’ which are the songs ‘Worms’ and ‘Monster’. Both have a video clip that is on YouTube on in November 2017 and March 2018, respectively.
The album follows a different musical language of the previous releases. It’s more intense, fast and agressive with some deathmetal / deathcore influences. SYZYGY is a record that defines the kind of language Thirdsphere wants to write for the next albuns.
The release date will be 23th December 2017 and will be available worldwide through all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc.). The physical version will be available through our online store and
comes with a Digipack CD with 8 pages booklet.
Everyone can hear the new release from December 1st 2018, through the Thirdsphere streaming platforms, which you can find on Thirdsphere website




[December 23, 2017]

deathcore, nu-metal, metalcore










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