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Too Loud Records and The Aurora proudly presents
the new release of their mini EPs trilogy
“Maunder Minimum”

This series, named after solar cycles, explores the band’s creative depths and commitment to addressing critical issues facing our planet.
“Maunder Minimum” sets the stage for a powerful journey into the heart
of modern metalcore and post-hardcore.

“Maunder Minimum” takes you on a sonic journey through emotional landscapes and powerful soundscapes, setting the tone for the entire trilogy.
Guitars thunder with intensity, percussion pounds like lightning,
and vocals alternate between brutality and melody.
As you listen, you’ll discover a narrative that touches on the challenges facing our planet and the sea. 

Band statement

“Our trilogy of EPs, inspired by solar cycles, is a reflection of our commitment to raising awareness about the critical issues affecting our planet. We hope these songs resonate with you, inspire change, and serve as a call to action for a brighter future.”

"Maunder Minimum"  

[January 26th 2024]
modern metalcore, post-hardcore

Label / Booking / Press: 


Produced, Engineered,
Mixed by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Recording Studio 
and Mastered by Andrea Bernardi at Eleven Mastering.

… “Human Race”


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