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NEVER END release debut album
‘The Cold and the Craving’

With a sound that mixes various strands of metal and rock’n’roll, and can be classified as new thrash, groove metal and/or metalcore, the Portuguese band Never End signs with the American label Brutal Records and releases their debut album ‘The Cold and the Craving’. “Signing with Brutal Records was a huge step in our career as a band. It was something we had been looking for for a long time. We also feel that it is the result of our work and investment”, emphasizes the band.
The album features nine songs that reflect the conflicting nature of the human condition and represents an opportunity to reflect and explore this experience. It’s rare to see such a fresh approach work so well and merge with the classic sounds of metal, grunge and hardcore.
Never End aspires to a lot of things and manages to be brutal, melodic and technical at the same time, without ever sounding too much like a single style, which is impressive. Metal remains a deity, obviously, but the intertwined emanations flowing from it – thrash, match rock, prog, hardcore, grind, grunge – have never seemed so potentially distilled and dynamic.

Founded in early 2007 to weaken the boundaries between Rock / Metal \ Grunge \ HardCore \ MetalCore \ Doom \ Stoner, Never End has musical evolution and development as the cornerstones of the band, as well as the members’ personal development. After several lineup changes, the band consolidated itself as a trio and today has more than 30 songs in its repertoire.
With more than eighty shows and an EP released in 2014 called “The Long Lost Signal”, Never End asserts itself in 2021 with its debut album with nine songs titled ‘The Cold and the Craving’, recorded and mastered at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers by Fernando Martins. The band also has two unreleased EP’s, ‘Aurora’ and ‘As The Blood Turns To Rain’, as well as two songs recorded in direct take “From The Grave To Light” and “Graveyard”.

“The Cold and the Craving”
[September 3, 2021]
Thrash/ Metal Core / Post Grunge
Base:  Brazil
Label / Booking / Press:
Brutal Records

Line up:
Bruno Faustino – Vocal e Guitarra Bruno Santos – Baixo e Vocal Paulo Aparício
– Bateria Photo: Jéssica Mar
Artwork: Moon Ring Design
Producer: Fernando Matias
Recording: Fernando Matias (The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers)
Mixing and Master: Fernando Matias (The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers)
Brutal Records store: Europe & World –
Plastic Head North America & Worldwide – MVD

… “Nightmares”



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