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Oneiros Way
“The Dawn Is Near”
out on September 24th 2021 

Hailing from Milan, Italy, electro-dreampop duo Oneiros Way deliver dark-tinted, ethereal songs, rooted in avintage cinematic imagery.Cocteau Twins echoes ontrip-hop rhythms andpost-rock subtileties. Born from some long jam session in their Cat Studio Bunker, their debut album “The Dawn IsNear” was recorded in 2020 by Giacomo Carlone at Supermoon Studio in Milan andmastered by Andrea Berni De Bernardi at Elevenmaster studio in Varese.
The young duo have made wide use of analog instruments like MS 20, Solina, acoustic pianos, banjos, analog drum machines and filtered drums, but also samples, pans, streams, emptybottles of Martini, reflecting on the one hand the aim to get warm, deep sounds, on the other hand their taste for sonic research.

Oneiros Way are Regina (vocals, piano, synth &organ)
and Claudio (vocals, guitars & Lunabass,drum machine/sampler, synth).

“The Dawn Is Near”
Oneiros Way
[September 24, 2021]
darkwave, dream pop, experimental, shoegaze, electronic
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Dischi del Minollo / Kool Things

… “Immersion”




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