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Go Go Ponies
“the Greatest”
out on March 1st 2022 

The Greatest is the nickname chosen by the protagonist of our new single. A very young wrestler who dreams of becoming a champion, to have a revenge on everything he has suffered; bullying, racism, body shaming, sexism and all kinds of prejudices.
“I’m the Greatest, fuck the haters!” is his battle cry and rebellion.

The Greatest is anyone.
Anyone who has a dream and fights to make it come true.
Anyone who is the victim of prejudice and fights to destroy it.
There is nothing more true than being who you really want to be; despite everything, despite everyone.

“the Greatest”
Go Go Ponies
[March 1, 2022]
90s, hard rock, fit metal, punk rock, riot girl
Milano, Italy


Carolina Galimberti
Michele Bengala
Silvia Toti
Vanessa Aloise
Massimo Volpi

… “Tiger Thrash”




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