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release “The Two of Us”
out on July 4th 2022

With a sound that goes from heavy-pounding riffs to total relaxed mood, Backfire makes his way from Italy into progressive metal music with a classic formation fronted by a female voice and offers his first concept album, “The Two of Us”, influenced by the pioneer and avant-garde of progressive metal music.
Within the album is narrated a fierceful emotional battle lived in first person, with a progressive succession on emotions that culminates in the final track.

"The Two of Us"  

[July 4, 2022]
progressive metal

The story of “The two of us” all revolves around the mind of a girl, it’s a trip inside the main character’s mind. When she finds another herself inside her mind, a gradual discovery of this new character will begin.
Arriving at a turning point, where we find out that this new character is actually evil and totally the protagonist’s opposite, a series of fights begin, so that one can prevail on the other.
With the last song we have the final duel where the story has its end.

… “Lex Naturalis”



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