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“The Uninvited Guest”
out on November 12th 2021 

Malota is a four-headed beast that was born in 2014. One beast that plays and experiments and four heads with different musical tastes and from different former bands (Hittin’ Random, A Cold Dead Body, Anarcotics, Mr.Coma, Maso Chiuso, Paul and the Bonopolis, The Redentors). Four heads convinced that songs can talk about society, social relationships, politics, introspectiveness and not just about finished loves, casual sex, bar counters, fantasy or gore themes. To its credit Malota has a self-titled EP with stoner sounds and a noise/core attitude, and the album Космонавт with space-rock tints and doom shades. The Uninvited Guest is a mix of hard-rock, punk and noise, recorded at Tommaso Mantelli’s Lesder Studio. Malota knows where it comes from, but has no fixed lair. It wallows in the mud and cleans itself into the sun, scratching the stone. It comes from water and has a heart of fire.

Alberto | guitars
Max | bass, vocals
Mariuz | drums, vocals
Massimo | guitars, backing vocals

“The Uninvited Guest”
[November 12, 2021]
psych-rock, rock’n’roll, space rock, stoner metal
Base:  Venezia, Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Go Down Records

on godownrecords → malota-the-uninvited-guest

… “Lampedusa”



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