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Oscillating between explosive riffs, dark rock and soft ballads, their music is perfectly harmonized by organic soundtextures and a mesmerizing voice…


Josette Seydoux – vocals and percussions
Arno Carnal – guitar and vocals
Bertrand Vorpe – guitar
Antoine Guerne – bass and percussions
Thibaud Gerber – drums


Since the band’s rock’n’roll debut in 2011, Edmond Jefferson & Sons has evolved and moved towards a more maturealternative rock.

These five musicians from Biel (CH) get together to share something from their guts. They play aninstinctive music that takes us on a journey through themselves, translating emotions that are sometimes sensitive,dark or vibrant.

This powerful saturated and percussive organic sound is entirely enveloped by a visceral andmesmerizing voice.

The Winter, the band’s second album, will be released on Hummus Records in March 2019.

“The Winter”

[March 08, 2019]

psychedelic, 70s rock

Base: Bienne, Switzerland

Label / Booking / Press:
HummusRecords / Domino Media Group



recorded and mixed by Sirup Gagavil at Yagwud Recordings, Biel/Bienne, 2017
mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Audio, Portland, 2017
all words written by Josette Seydoux
all music written and arranged by Edmond Jefferson & Sons
photography and layout by Sébastien Gerber


… “Les Botanistes”



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