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I Heard From Lavinia
“This Room Has No Doors”
out on February 14th 2022 

This Room Has No Doors is the first album by I Heard From Lavinia. It is a project born from the long-distance collaboration of several musicians during the quarantine periods due to the pandemic.
This Room Has No Doors is a concept album that sees love addiction as its central theme, that emotional state on the border between love and obsession that can lead one person to love the other in a totally unconditional and toxic way, regardless of any kind of abuse suffered on the part of the partner, establishing a real addiction to them. In the course of the songs we find moments in which the protagonist recognizes the harmfulness of the relationship and others in which she expresses her feelings towards her beloved. On the one hand there is a great craving for closeness, and on the other there’s fear and desire of detachment from a clearly destructive situation.
The empty room, with no way out, therefore becomes a metaphor for the mind and obsessive thoughts that cannot be controlled and from which it’s impossible to escape.

“This Room Has No Doors”
I Heard From Lavinia
[February 14, 2022]
progressive rock, rock, alternative rock, art rock
Milano, Italy


All songs written by Lavinia Giancaspero, except “Oblivion”, written by Santi Banks
All lyrics written by Lavinia Giancaspero
All songs produced by Santi Banks

Grand piano recorded at Teclats Studio – Arnhem (NL), engineered by Ton Snijders
Mixed by Santi Banks in stereo, 5.1, Atmos at Brilliant Corners

… “Different Kinds Of Winter”



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