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Russian band I am waiting for you last summer released their new EP, Together, on September 14th. They’re playing a mixture of electronic, synthwave, ambient and post-rock. The band have played more than 200 shows across the world so far (including performances at world-renowned festivals like SXSW in Texas) and shared the stage with bands such as 65daysofstatic, Alcest, Maybeshewill, Rosetta and The American Dollar to name a few.

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The advancement of digital technology has procured an interesting form of nostalgia that longs for the tangible memories of the past in a world that’s steadily shifting away from material collections. Even the touch of another person can become rarely sought out when people look for connection through other means. Luckily, I am waiting for you last summer battle that notion with Together, an EP that is equal parts energetic and introspective. The album has themes of romance and nostalgia but approaches them with a buoyant and rather invigorating sound that brings a refreshing and sentimental life to the band’s ever-evolving register of styles. Warm bass lines and sun-soaked guitar melodies glisten atop the washed-out waveforms of synthesizers like light striking the surface of water. The line between digital and analog bends and blurs together without ever feeling messy, and together become something as divine as the yearning for times passed. 
I am waiting for you last summer always strive to create something new and meaningful with each consecutive release, and this is one of their best and brightest to date. Fans of Tycho and electronic music will particularly like this EP, though the music will certainly appeal to nearly every listener. Together is a forward-thinking EP rooted heavily in the past and I am waiting for you last summer successfully bridged the gap between what people miss from years before and what they expect from music today, and its wide enjoyability is credited to its lively and boisterous instrumentation. Perhaps the most special thing about this release, however, is that in time it too will become nostalgic to listeners, continuing the beautiful cycle that the phenomenon holds deep within us all. 

From their inception in 2011, I am waiting for you last summer have been perusing through genres within their wide discography of three albums and now four EPs. While they consistently include electronic in their music, their sound coasts through post-rock, house, synthwave, and recently more ambient and mellow backdrops. They additionally keep a strong cinematic presence at their core, most notably influenced by band member Alex Sokolov’s extensive trailer work for films like Jurassic WorldCaptain America: Winter Soldier, and Insurgent. These elements combined see I am waiting for you last summer travelling new ground with every release, consistently giving their listeners a refreshing and enticing musical experience. 

The band have played more than 200 shows across the world, performing at renowned festivals like SXSW in Texas, Magnetic Fields Festival in India and dunk!festival in Belgium, and sharing the stage with prominent touring acts such as 65daysofstatic, Alcest, Maybeshewill, Rosetta, and The American Dollar.


   I am waiting for you last summer  
[September 14th 2018]

electronic, ambient, chill, instrumental, space

Base: ород Рязань, Russian Federation

Press: Outro PR






 I am waiting for you last summer


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