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Ministry issues ‘Trax! Rarities’ double album via LA label Cleopatra Records

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Cleopatra Records will be releasing the long-awaited ‘Trax! Rarities’ double album by industrial-alternative rock legends Ministry, led by the outspoken super talented Al Jourgensen.Al_Jourgensen_-_photo_credit_Brian_Shanley
This is a special limited edition double LP collection of early rare tracks and versions from Wax Trax!-era Ministry, as well as several previously unreleased gems from Al Jourgensen-related side projects – namely Revolting Cocks, PTP, Pailhead and 1000 Homo DJs.  
Scheduled for release on December 9th, this new Ministry collection will be pressed on clear vinyl with a printed inner sleeve.  Super fans will also be pleased to learn that this double LP includes the very rare Revolting Cocks track ‘Drums Along The Carbide!’
Ministry_'Twitch'_-_photo_credit_Brian_ShanleyFor over 30 years, Al Jourgensen has proven himself to be the undisputed king of industrial music, godfathering a genre that millions have grown to love. He is the only original member of Ministry remaining since the band’s formation in 1981.
Originally a new wave synthpop band with melodic and stylized output compared to to the more aggressive music for which they would eventually become known, as embodied in such tracks as ‘The Game Is Over’, ‘Let’s Be Happy’ and ‘Same Old Madness’. Ministry ultimately changed their style, resulting in them becoming an industrial metal pioneer in the mid-1980s. This ‘Trax! Rarities’ release celebrates hidden gem from their early days.
Ministry inspired numerous groups, including Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and KMFDM. Jourgensen continues to influence and morph, both in his style and music. While the latter is deeply rooted in Industrial, he is still creating new forms as most recently can be heard in his latest project SMM (Surgical Meth Machine).
A multi Gold and Platinum selling artist, his drive to entertain has seen him play the part of producer, musician, author and composer. Apart from Ministry, Jourgensen has led numerous side projects, including Revolting Cocks, Lard, 1000 Homo DJ’s, Pailhead, Buck Satan, and SMM.
Al Jourgensen is once again prolifically making music despite numerous challenges faced since the late 2000s, including the loss of his best friend and Ministry bandmate Mike Scaccia, which resulted in him taking a few years off from Ministry. He still performs select shows with Ministry. He has also acted in movies and wrote an autobiography, called Ministry: The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen’.   

 ‘Trax! Rarities’


1. Ministry – Never Asked For Nothing (Detroit 7.10.82)
2. Ministry – Love Change (Detroit 7.10.82)
3. Ministry – What Is The Reason (Detroit 7.10.82)
4. Ministry – America (Detroit 7.10.82)
1. Ministry – Same Old Madness (1982 Demo)
2. Ministry – Game Is Over (1983 Demo)
3. Ministry – Let’s Be Happy (1983 Demo)
4. Ministry – Same Old Scene (1983 Demo)
5. Ministry – Wait (1983 Demo)
1. Ministry – I See Red
2. Ministry – Self Annoyed
3. Revolting Cocks – Fish In Cold Water
4. Revolting Cocks – (Let’s Get) Physical (Banned Version)
1. PTP – Show Me Your Spine
2. Pailhead – Don’t Stand In Line (Dub Mix)
3. Revolting Cocks – Drums Along The Carbide
4. 1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut (Dub Remix)

… “1000 Homo DJ’s – Supernaut


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Photo credit: Brian Shanley – photographer and art director for Wax Trax! Records



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