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release “Bloom The Ego”
out on June 29th 2023

Italian progressive djent act ULTIMA in partnership with Superbia Music Group have released “Bloom The Ego”, debut album produced by Fabrizio Gesuato at Inverno Studios

“’Bloom The Ego’, our first album is very different from the previous EP ‘Meritamun’, proposing a more progressive and studied sound, full of heavy and pounding djenty parts that leave room for more calm and emotionally intriguing sections, fusing together harsh and angelic vocal parts. We wanted to try various compositional techniques: especially in the songs ‘Kids’ and ‘Four Mornings’ we used an old school approach, where in the rehearsal everyone could have their say by creating riffs/parts from scratch. Instead in others, for example ‘I Won’t Hide’ and ‘Hybrid Peach’, we started from a whole drum structure where the remaining instrumentalists joined. Coming to the last compositional approach, in the songs ‘Out of Bounds’ and ‘My Story Is Yours’ we splitted up into teams where everyone worked on the composition of the chosen song. ‘Bloom the Ego’ is an imperative: it is a scream and at the same time a prayer towards the listener, where we clearly want to order to explode one’s ego and therefore make one’s personality and individuality blossom. And you? Will you bloom with us?”.

"Bloom The Ego"  

[June 29, 2023]
progressive metal, djent,

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… “Out of Bounds”


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