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3: Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals
Drown Within Records
Unquiet Records



Viscera/// is a psychedelic post-metal trio based in northern Italy.
Established in 2000, the band has been experiencing the combination among the darkest sides of many underground genres like grindcore, black/death metal, ambient, drone and of course psychedelic music.

During their quite long lifetime Viscera/// have been releasing a huge amount of albums and parallel works, while playing hundreds of shows across Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

Past and current members also generated Beta, Berlikete, Blanca Division, Formalist, Malasangre, The Drop Machine, Dyskinesia, Morkobot, Mount Piezein Circle, Self Human Combustion, Zolle and more.

“3” is the third album of the band and also the final chapter of the “Trilogy of Perception”, after “Cyclops” (2007, SoulfFlesh Collector) and “2: As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion Of The Eye” (2010, ConSouling Sounds).


 Das Lächeln, Deinerseits w/ N(32) + Meinein (2016, collaboration)
Diade(ms) w/ Abaton (2015, collaboration 7″)
Fleshworld/Gazers/Viscera/// w/ Fleshworld & Gazers (2014, split)
Caith Sith VS Viscera/// (2011, boxed set)
2: As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion Of The I (2010, album)
Cyclops (2007, album)
Self Human Combustion VS Viscera/// w/ SHC (2007, split)
Killing By The Sound w/ AA. VV. (2006, 6way split)
Manifestaciòn De Execrable Violencia (2004, demo)
Entrails Defecation (2003, demo)



Mike B. vox, guitars
G. C. bass
Cardinal MDS drums

Additional personnel

Angelo Bignamini (The Great Saunites) – synths and soundscapes
M. (Morkobot, Zolle, ex-Viscera///) – additional guitars on track 01

Marco Serrato Gallardo (Orthodox) – additional vocals on track 01

Tytus Kalicki (Fleshworld, Unquiet Records) – additional vocals on track 02

Kevin K. (Abysmal Darkening, Verbum Verus) – additional vocals on track 05


“‘Über-Massive Melancholia’”








Drown Within Records
Unquiet Records



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