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release “Vulgar Misplay of Burkett”
out on April 15th 2023

Just like many recent records this album is a son of the pandemic. We wrote 14 songs during the lockdown and we asked our producer Davi Pacote to choose 10 out of them. We met Davi in 2019 during our Brazilian tour, and we liked him and his work so much that we decided to do the new record with him.
We recorded the songs in our studio with the help of Marco Bonanomi (the producer of our previous records) and sent the tracks to Hill Valley Studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where Davi mixed the record.
We had some amazing guests in some songs like Hanne Terweduwe from the band For I Am which did some extra vocals in “Forgotten”, “Shyla” and “Be Nice To Harry”.
Jo Bouwmeester singer of the band Coral Springs played strings in “Adelphia”.
Then we had a real crowd singing on “Be Nice To Harry”: Robi from Mega, the Twerks, Pigs Parlament, 7years, Lorenzo Dinelli from Seed’n’Feed, Davi Pacote, Benza from Melkus,
Deny Putman from Dowzer, Jarno Huygh from Altitude and the already mentioned Hanne.
“Vulgar Misplay of Burkett”… Why this title?
It’s a verse in the song “Punk Police on my back” and it’s simple. Every skatepunk band in the world tries to sound, to write,and to lead a career just like the famous baseball player Jesse Burkett. Also, we like Pantera (and NOFX).

"Vulgar Misplay of Burkett"  

[April 15, 2023]
punk rock, melodic hardcore, skate punk
Lesmo, Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 

skap records


Lore Baggio: Drums
Nad Savarino: Vocals, Bass
Danny Merlani: Vocals, Guitar
Stefano Orlandi: Guitar, Vocals


Produced by Wasei and Davi Pacote
Recorded by Marco Bonanomi and Wasei in Monza/Lecco, italy
Mixed by Davi Pacote at Hill Valley Studio, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Mastered by Simone Pietroforte

… “Charles, Me, and Social Distancing”



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