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Freddie Williams & Plutonium Baby
“You Said I’d Never Make It”
out on October 18th 2020 

After more than forty years of work in the music scene as a journalist, radio DJ, producer and more, I decided to celebrate my sixtieth birthday with a gift I had thought about for a very long time: a record as a singer. So I selected four songs I love from four californian punk bands from the 70’s (Lewd, Weirdos, Nuns and Flesh Eaters) and asked Plutonium Baby, a wonderful art-punk combo from Rome (the city where I was born and live) with the perfect sound for what I had in mind, to be my partners in crime. An odd crime. I had no doubt they would get excited about the idea, and I was right. In a few weeks the songs were ready to be recorded and we did it in Rome’s most renowned r’n’r studio with the amazing help from the sound engineer Danilo Silvestri.
“You Said I’d Never Make It” is my personal tribute to the musical style who made me who I am. It’s not a joke (I swear, it’s really me singing), it’s not a first step of a new career (at least I don’t think so). It’s something I thought about a lot and in the end I did it with great seriousness but without taking myself too seriously; and having a lot of fun too, also imagining the surprise on the faces of all those who know me personally, as a voice on the radio, as a writer. “You said I’d never make it”, eh? But…
Federico Guglielmi a/k/a Freddie Williams

“You Said I’d Never Make It”
Freddie Williams & Plutonium Baby
[October 18th 2020]
garage, rock’n’roll
Base:  Pisa, Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Area Pirata Rec

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