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Breichiau Hir
‘Yn Dawel Bach / Saethu Tri’
out on September 20th 2019

To move from the caustic, the abrasive, the aggressive to a pensive sadness that eventually brake’s into a cacophony of blistering  chords with such ease is a testament to Breichiau Hir’s growing confidence.

The last 12 month of releases has shown a band forever forging their own individual path. ‘Yn Dawel Bach / Saethu Tri’ is their new Double A side single, it’s also the band’s most  melodic songs to date. These songs combine Breichiau Hir’s love for loud noise and soft sad moments. Emphatic sounds and melancholic atmosphere.  ‘Yn Dawel Bach / Saethu Tri’ belong together, they come from the same emotional and creative place. 

As Steffan Dafydd the bands lyricist and vocalist explains: 
“In Saethu Tri, I outline the dread or regret that can overcome me and how I’m never totally sure how to deal with it. I don’t dramatise  it in the song, I kept it matter of factly and tried to convey the numbness and dullness that comes with it. It’s wistful and sombre.”

“Yn Dawel Bach is nearly a response to this dread I talk about in Saethu Tri. It basically points out that these waves of panic can overwhelm you whenever it wishes. It can come crashing at you wherever you are.
It doesn’t ask permission, it just arrives, unannounced and uninvited.”

These frail emotional landscapes the songs move through are beautifully conveyed. Calm verses that ease the listener into a false sense  of security and control before a wall of sound blissfully brakes into the chorus.

The single will be available on limited edition cassette tape and Breichiau Hir will celebrate the release with a launch night at The Dojo, 
Kings Road Yard, Cardiff on September 28th.
"Double 'A' Side Single"  

[September 20, 2019]

Hardcore, Punk, Alternative

Base:  Cardiff, Wales

Label / Booking / Press:

Libertino Records / PYST





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