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Carnagus – Emperor Of The Darkness
Power Metal
Sleaszy Rider



After 3 years from the previous release, epic/power metallers Kaledon are back with the bombastic, epic and majestic album ‘Carnagus – Emperor of the Darkness’. With a renewed line-up, enhanced by Michele Guaitoli’s (Overtures, ex-Future is Tomorrow) powerful vocals and Manuele di Ascenzo’s (ex-Secret Rule) amazing drums skills, mastermind Alex Mele (guitars) has finally forged a new chapter of the ‘Legend of the Forgotten Reign’ saga reaching the perfect mix of modern riffs, classic power metal speeds, epic choirs and epic symphonic arrangements. Together with Paolo Campitelli (keyboards) and the founding members Tommy Nemesio (guitars) and Paolo Lezziroli (bass guitar) Kaledon are back, stronger than ever.


Michele Guaitoli – Voice
Alex Mele – Guitars
Tommy Nemesio – Guitars
Paolo Campitelli – Keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli – Bass
Manuele Di Ascenzo – Drums

“Carnagus – Emperor of the Darkness”




“The Evil Witch”

“The Evil Witch” has been filmed near the city of Rimini, by famous video director Matteo Ermeti.
These story about happens in the year 1376.
The big space conception of these video is  therefore without without modern elements. 
The lyric talks about the evil witch Elisabeth… The future wife of king Antillius… after her return to the good…:
“Prophecy of revenge, 
Enemy of the light, 
Witch controlled by a spell
Bringer of doom for the good:
she was the evil witch!”

 ‘The Evil Witch‘ is KALEDON’s new single from the forthcoming album “Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness“



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