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Today i’m going to talk about an italian metal Band..Slabber.
The thing that catches the ears of the listener  is that Slabber sound differnt..different?in wich way?
Slabber is a Heavy metal machine that strikes Since the first note; you can find  in their music different influences (classic, trash, epic and so on) but  the results is a very personal and balanced sound…

bio / about

“Slabber” is a slang word representing the band spirit: a straightforward and high impact metal sound.
The project was born from four experienced musicians, who want to play their ideas only for music’s sake.
Every track is written by Gastrico (Marco Poliani), long-term song-writer and guitar player, who’s always been given to his own creativity and ideas rather than coverbands.
Mcfin (Marco Maffin), his long-time companion and drummer, beats the tracks with groove and speed.
Bot (Alessandro Bottin) is the voice; he featured in a lot of projects, always supporting vocal lines with his histrionic, biting but melodic style.
Last but not least, Fra (Francesco Matteo Valerio) on the bass guitar,latest entry in the band, who lives his instrument as a lifestyle.
Here are some of the many projects of the musicians, from author-writing to theatre and cover music:
Rapid Fire, Miradavaga, Gastrico, Magnitude, Concerto Verticale, Tinctura, Fafind Illusion.




[September 11, 2017]

Heavy Metal

Milano, Italy



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Alessandro Bottin: Vox
Marco Poliani: Guitars, vox & backing vocals
Francesco Valerio: Bass
Marco Maffina: Drums



… So if you love to make your ears bleed with a heavy metal sound, I invite you to listen to their music because songs like “Blood in the Nation”, “Violent Man” and “Connection To nowhere” (my favourite one) will make you understand what i’m  talking about..definitely Metal.


“And now, enjoy the music and remember… It’s only Rock n’ Roll but i like it”


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