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“Crucified Dreams”






Windshades is founded in May 2015 by singer Chiara Manzoli and drummer Carlo Bergamaschi, two musicians with opposite but complementary features: Chiara is an opera soprano with choral and theatrical experiences, while Carlo has an essentially Punk/HardCore formation and joined for several months Horror Rock band Splatters as live drummer. The line-up is immediately completed by guitarist and composer Matteo Usberti, responsible for the composition of the first original songs and their aggressive sound. In July 2015 bass player Andrea Bissolati and second guitarist Michele Capelli join the band. Andrea, a Nu Metal, Jazz and Funky enthusiast, adds his creativity to the band’s sound and, in November, Windshades are ready to record their first self-produced demo, bringing them to the attention of Atomic Stuff. Later on, Michele leaves the band in favor of his full-time studies. His place is taken by Riccardo Soresina, an expert guitarist with a solid live experience; he definitively marks the band’s sound with sharp riffs that strengthen each song. With a stabilized line-up, the band starts its live activity and gains positive feedback. In May 2016 Windshades enter the Atomic Stuff Recording Studio (Isorella, Brescia, Italy) and realize the EP “Crucified Dreams” under producer Oscar Burato’s supervision.

 “Crucified Dreams”


Chiara Manzoli – Voice,
Matteo Usberti – Guitar,
Riccardo Soresina – Guitar,
Andrea Bissolati – Bass,
Carlo Bergamaschi – Drums


… “Resurrection”




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