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52 Hertz Whale
release “Dmytro”
taken from Present Sense Impression

out on th August 26th 2022 

It has been a long five years waiting for the lonely Bratislava whale to resurface. The quintet 52 Hertz Whale are set to release their new album “Present Sense Impression”, coming out 26th August as a co-production of the labels Full Moon Forum and Weltschmerzen. 52 Hertz Whale’s music is
ferocious and melancholic, cracked with vigour and impatience. With two releases under their belt – the ep onymous EP of 2015 and debut album I’ve met a lot of people released in 2017 – the band has toured  Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Britain and Czechia and has gained a  fervent underground following, thanks to their cathartic gigs, including Pohoda, Liverpool Sound City,  MENT Ljubljana, Waves Vienna, Grape and Sharpe festivals. At the break of 2019/2020, 52 Hertz Whale  once again gathered attention of alternative music media all around Europe, first, due to their single Thin  Skin and then for their performance at Slovenian showcase event MENT.
In 2022 the band played the biggest European showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag

Present Sense Impression, recorded in Pulp Studio in Bratislava with sound engineer Jakub Hríbik and  producer Lazer Viking, clearly reveals the unique dynamics of 52 Hertz Whale’s creative process. The  songs flow through a dramatic arch, starting with soft sketches of melodies and ending with loud catharsis . The work of 52 Hertz Whale has always been distinctly emotional, now inner experiences and rowdy noise typical for the band are complemented by intense synthesizer landscapes and moments that  feel unexpectedly catchy.
Lazer Viking comments on the record: “Present Sense Impression reveals that 52 Hertz Whale have an  almost unexpected sense for the traditional song form. This is not a band that needs to endlessly hide behind the famed push of their aggressive live performances, they can also write pop songs for which the  audience doesn’t need any explanations. Not to say that their experimental and noise inclinations are gone. But the new record finally sees them reach a balance between their more accessible and  experimental sides. The perfect nest for Dominik Prok’s storytelling talent. On this backdrop, his  doomsday visions can become a chorus reality.”

“Present Sense Impression”
52 Hertz Whale
[August 26, 2022]
alternative, noise rock, post-punk
Base:  Cincinnati, Ohio – US

Label / Booking / Press:

Full Moon Forum / Weltschmerzen / Kool Things / Kool Things


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