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Child’s Pose
“Eyes to the Right”
out on March 19th 2021 

CHILD’S POSE build little worlds. We’re emerging from a long slumber and they’re inviting you in! This is New Wave for Now People, lush, warm vignettes of start-stop punk-pop, played by members of SAUNA YOUTH, WOOLF, SARCASM, and NEKRA. Sop’s fluid — almost taunting! — vocal delivery is at once dark and jubilant, punctuated by instrumentation that reinvents itself over and over, twisting and turning songs that reward repeat listens. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl, accompanied by a Risograph printed insert and housed in a full color jacket.

“Eyes to the Right”
Child’s Pose
[March 19, 2021]
punk, post punk, queer
Base:  London, UK
Label / Booking / Press: Thrilling Living

Child’s Pose is Kai, Sop, Richard, and Oli
Recorded and mixed by Richard Phoenix
Album artwork by Richard Phoenix
Mastered by Daniel Husayn
Lacquers cut by Amy Dragon

… “Ella’s Fate”




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