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Occult Punk Gang
just released 
Forget by TV DUST


TV DUST is a No Wave / Synth Punk trio composed of Luca (Lou) on keyboard and voice, Marco (Tex) Tescari on bass and Sergio (Byron) Tringali on drum. They started in June 2018 rehearsing at Caravan the recording studio of Macao in Milan. The following month Occult Punk Gang released their first EP called “TV DUST – S/T”.


[February 15, 2019]

Genre: no wave, synth punk, art punk

Base: Milano, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:
Occult Punk Gang




Recorded at Caravan Studio – Macao, Milan. 
Mixed & mastered by Byron. 
Released in february 2019. 

TV DUST are: 
Lou (Voice / ABC Keyboard) 
Tex (Bass) 
Byron (Drum) 

Artwork cover by Tex. 





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