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Temple Of Deimos
release “Heading To Saint Reape”
out on March 18th 2022 through Argonauta Records

The Italian stoner rock trio was formed in 2006, channeling the flavor of groups such as QOTSA and heavily inspired by the Palm Desert and 90’s grunge scene. TEMPLE OF DEIMOS have toured with acts such as Nick Oliveri or Dandy Brown of Hermano to date.

Creating their fuzzy, heavy yet psychedelic desert rock sound in a distinctive shape, the band’s upcoming album will even see them to get out of their comfort zone, ultimately cementing their own and unique character.


Deadly Lines
Deflagration Deal
Bad Time Choices
Elvis Aaron Stoner
Saint Reaper Waltz
Suddenly Like A Robot
Charlie Song ( Thirteen Times Yeah)
Yawning Girl

“Heading To Saint Reaper”
Temple Of Deimos
[March 18, 2022]
rock, desert rock, stoner rock
Genoa, Italy

Design and lay out made by Kabuto Art lab.

Label / Booking / Press: 

Argonauta Records / ALL NOIR

… “Elvis Aaron Stoner”



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