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Meat from Kubark EP

2009 – Kubark
The first thing that Kubark gave birth. An unripe son that bring us good luck. Printed in 500 limited handmade copies with four different covers. Only available for the digital download.


2011 – Ulysses 
With Yamasaki ko-ji, and through his photographs which the booklet is entirely dedicated, we tried to reason over the concept of “people” and “anonymity” extended to a macrovision of humanity in motion and change, a humanity without face and without personality, that slides in front of the eyes as it doesn’t even exist, each one with his name that we don’t care about, each one with his own things to do that no one cares about, a lot of also-run that ironically we wanted to call Ulysses, for their compulsive, unstemmable tendency to believe themselves heroes.
Recorded and mixed in winter of 2011 at 29100 Factory Studio by Cristiano Sanzeri and with the participation of Pietro Beltrami at the keyboards.

Kubark // VIXI [Album: Ulysses]

2015 - Obedience

Recorded, engeneered and mixed by Bruno Germano at Vacuum Studio / Bologna, vocals recorded by Camillo Crippa / Piacenza, Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering Studio / Chicago, produced by Kubark.

Words by Andrea Nulla, songs written and performed by Kubark except Find the cost of freedom by Stephen Stills, some guitars and noises by Bruno Germano. 
Photography by Matteo Bosonetto  

… “Bleach”

… in November 2016 The Kubark post this communicated 

“Due to the inactivity which is lasting a year and a half, we decided to make all our material available for free download, and to give up both the physical and digital distribution, we don’t know if it will be possible to listen to our songs on spotify or elsewhere. Those interested can still find us at kubark.bandcamp.com

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