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Nothing To Do With Hell
 Heavy Metal / Punk / Rock


ROCTUM isn’t just a band…
ROCTUM is an experience!
This unique quintet of five personal superheroes takes You (without permission) to their
exploding world of theatrical rock’n’roll show.
ROCTUM is well knows from their shows that will provide You surprises with fast speed and
dangerous situations -filled thriumphous events. When their heavy/punk rock gospel starts
You can’t exactly know when You have been took through a to trip to unknown landscapes, oceans,
spaces or even universes.
Blood, balloons and toilet paper! With a sparkle in their eyes but with a tough touch with the music.
Roctum is:
Stunk Man (voc.) – Charismatic front man that leave no one cold
Zikk Brutal (gtr.) – Unstopable, energetic, blazing solos with storm and flames
Banana Boy (bs.) – Genious that will leave no queastions with his sharpshooting bass playing.
Ill Duce (gtr.) – ?
The Beast (dr.) – A wild beast. Beating the skins wildly. If someone sets him free it might be leathal
The next wave of Rock’n’Roll has begun to flow. And ROCTUM is about to hit Your face really soon!


Nothing To Do With Hell



… “We Want More”


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