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 REPORT – DesertFest Berlin
28/29/30 april 2017


esertfest Berlin is finally coming, after many festivals in Europe, the Desertfest in London and Antwerp, it seems just right to try to see how it is in Berlin! From what I was able to hear around, it seems that this is the first year in which 2 other venues, Cassiopeia and Badehaus have been added. Having not participated in previous years, I can’t make a confrontation with this edition, but I seemed to feel a bit of general discontent in the air, probably because of the addition of these two venues, access being small and people could not get in, and it was almost impossible to move quickly by bands that in several cases played at the same time as others. Surely this was also a test for the organizers, I believe that changes will be made in the coming editions, maybe it could be interesting to anticipate the time of day, so there is less overlap, who knows! In this way it would also be possible to live better the festive air of the festival and to become acquainted with those around you, that is always one of the things that I prefer abroad, because in Italy it’s difficult!! I can’t hide that myself, especially the first day, I was a bit demoralized, because unfortunately I couldn’t see some band, but once understood a little “forcibly” the mechanism… I was able to remedy the following days by creating a stern and ferret program not to lose even a band!! 15 minutes each and run as much as possible!! Hard but I did! It could even avoid a bit of rules maybe a bit too rigid, but it’s talking about a festival of a certain reach where in any case the satisfaction is guaranteed!! Wll, being a photographer would be comfortable, of course, the barriers, at least in the Main!! The most absurd positions and climbs would be avoided wherever to have some shots, without bothering the others rightly!
The first day opened with Venomous Maximus, that unfortunately I lost, to follow the warm and fantastic voice of Bellhound Choir, and then fall into the uncomfortable Bongzilla and the Main was already full! To get lost in the particular psychics of the Desert Mountain Tribe, personally a great surprise, again at Foyer with Tuber, unfortunately only listen out and then Ruby The Hatchet, tremendous regret for not being able to enter in Badehaus and in Cassiopeia with The Elephant Tree,was a shame, but I was able to hypnotize myself from the fantastic Wolves in The Throne Room and soon after by the Toundra, that I was expecting to see!! A race to listen a bit healthy rock with the Mammoth Mammoth and finally get to the historians Saint Vitus, who never personally saw. It was a great pity not to be able to enter in the Cassiopeia for Yuri Gagarin, I really cared about it… consoled by Wight, a mix of funk, psych and more, but really nice, then ending with the Berliners Odd Couple.
The second day started with the massive Domkraft that I really enjoyed, followed the Killer Boogie with their cheerful sounds many 70s, then reviewed the beloved (for me) Mars Red Sky with all their peculiarities that never cease to fascinate me, to rush to The Well, another beautiful surprise with a female voice a little psych and blues, then get to another fantastic female voice, the Wucan, that with their charisma and the flute take  you everywhere, always talking of grit and charisma get to the Duel and it’s immediately joy!! It continues with the Samsara Blues Experiment, always a great thrill, to find the Gold, 6 members of which a very peculiar and maybe a bit disturbing singer (in a good way of course!) and their dark rock really not bad, is the turn of the heavy doom / sludge of the Suma, then to run from my Italian friends Giobia to be dragged from their very special acid rock; finally get to headliners, Sleep, heaviness and discomfort, and you never wanna end but unfortunately you run to reach the eccentric Glitter Wizard, and that show!! With the fantastic wizard! Load and fun! It’s over this day with the Riff Fist.

The Devil & The Almighty Blues opened on the third day, and could not be a better opening with their rock blues mixed with something else, just after the massive duo Closet Disco Queen, and finally to get the latest, Mother Engine stoner / rock / psych of all respect, follow UR with their doom post metal, then don’t miss the heavy rock of the Avon and follow the Bask with their explosive grit and a great voice, always come back with immense pleasure to the 1000Mods and follow a bit of psych doom rock with the Motorowl and the great Pontiak,  get to exuberance the Ecstatic Vision with their music that can’t be defined but just appreciated!! Go down to the Lowrider to get their stoner rock desert, then switch to some black / post metal sounds of the Downfall of Gaia, back to the Foyer to get lost in The Cosmic Dead and then get to headliner John Garcia, which really don’t need any comments, a confirmation in any way; concludes with Tschaikai that unfortunately I lost.

What to say… what remains at the end of a festival is always a great satisfaction, adrenaline and absolute joy, you always go away a bit richer than anything!!.



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 Desertfest 2017

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