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Beholder’s Cult: doom metal revelation band
launches videoclip “Shadows”

Brazilian doom metal band Beholder’s Cult shares the music video for the track “Shadows”, taken from their debut album ‘Our Darkest Home’.
The video was produced by Diogo Carrijo, and the images and effects chosen sought to give Diogo’s interpretation of the music, using lighting behind the band to create the shadows and images that refer to the lyrics to create interpretation possibilities.
The band continues to promote their newly released debut album titled ‘Our Darkest Home’, consisting of 9 dense, feeling-laden tracks. ‘Our Darkest Home’ follows a semi-conceptual theme, which despite not having a clear narrative, the songs and concepts communicate and complement each other throughout the entire performance. With a dense and melancholic sound, the band follows clear influences from depressive rock, darkwave and post-punk, deftly conducting the slow pace of Doom and incursions through fast passages. 

Formed in mid-2016, in Brazil by Felipe Stock (Guitar and Vocals), Pedro Paes (Keyboards) and Tama Oliveira (Drums), Beholder’s Cult defined their sound within the limits of doom metal, having as their main initial references Lake of Tears and Tiamat. Still in a trio, the band released the first EP ‘Cult of Solitude’ in 2018, which was well received by specialized critics and had all physical copies sold out, available only on digital platforms. This release was a turning point for Beholder’s Cult as a band, motivating them to improve their performance, more live shows and create high quality material and that made Rafael Giraldi get closer to the band, assuming the bass. This formation made several live presentations in several Brazilian states, already being a well-known and respected name.

Throughout 2019, the process of composing the first full lenght began, which included Rafael Giraldi on drums and Luciano Dias on bass. These changes, added to the 2020 pandemic, caused the launch to be postponed. With care and effort, the band finally launches the waiting ‘Our Darkest Home’ and plans a outreach tour as soon as the pandemic is over. 

“Our Darkest Home”
Beholder’s Cult
[May 13, 2021]
doom metal, gothic metal, sludge
Base:  Brasilia, Brazil
Label / Booking / Press: 
Reverbera Music Media

Line up: 

Felipe Stock (vocals/guitar)
Luciano Dias (Bass)
Pedro Paes (Keyboards)
Rafael Giraldi (Drum)

Producer: Rafael Giraldi
 Recording, mixing and mastering: Victor Hormidas e Rafael Giraldi (Texas Estúdio)
 Artwork: Zakuro Aoyama
 Photos: Rafael Giraldi



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