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Megalith Levitation and Dekonstruktor
“Split album”
out on August 3rd 2020 

It was a hazy smoke filled room where, upon one evening, a sonic soothsayer and doomed notary (Mitya) had uncontrollable visions about a foreboding convergence, a desire for an intertwined chaos, which in that moment seemed pre-destined to be so, as in some epic doomed revelation.

And so it was, on that murky evening, that these loyal servitors of the cult – MEGALITH LEVITATION + DEKONSTRUKTOR – would create a pact, an oath to acerbic doom, which would one day become an audial manifestation of this vision.

In the days thereafter, this phantasmagoric collaboration began to take shape in the form of four occult insurgencies of acid-fuelled ritual doom noise transcendence.

Both of these Russian spectres have created an intangible cohesion, which comes together as a seamless congealed whole of occult, hypnotic and lysergic doom.

These drug fuelled doom dissidents keep to the spirit of art for the sake of self, true visionaries of the obscure and the underground

These tales of occult doom are available, even to non-servitors, from August 2020 

“Split album”
[August 03, 2020]
Stoner / Doom Metal
Base:  Russia
Label / Booking / Press:
Aesthetic Death / Grand Sounds PR



DEKONSTRUKTORzero (moonmistress67@gmail.com)

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