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out on August 7th 2020 

Taken from the bands upcoming album out August 7th, ‘Today We’re Warriors’ is the title track to the bands follow up to 2017s Pyro. 
‘Warriors’ is an album for our times symbolising passion, pain, spiritual resilience and ‘rising from the ashes’ together.  Shauna Tohill’s song writing goes from strength to strength delivering a powerful, dynamic and anthemic collection of songs that will connect globally with REWS loyal following and their fast-growing army of new fans.

Commenting on the power of ‘Today We’re Warriors’, lead-vocalist and frontwoman of REWSShauna Tohill says: “Today were warriors – the song exclaims exactly what the name suggests!  Every morning we wake up, we have a choice in what kind of journey we will lead.  There are dark days where our path is unclear and blocked (some more than others) and that’s when I want to encourage everyone to keep fighting forward, to gather together in the spirit of music with those who are good in your life, to support and respect each other! 

TODAY, we got this, we will get through this and we will keep moving forward to see a better, positive, thriving and equal future for all women, men, children from all races and backgrounds. Today, we’re warriors!”.

REWS continue to find innovative ways during these testing times to connect with their fanbase and create a sense of community and positivity.  Building towards the release of the album, Tohill demonstrates her creativity and tenacity as an artist as she delivers the band’s latest single ‘Today We’re Warriors’. The track is an empowering anthem focusing on the fire we all have inside, encouraging all to push forward and fight for what they believe in. 

[pic by Conor Kerr Photography]
Working alongside Alex Loring and Tom AndrewsREWS have created an impressively powerful album with 11 storming tracks that drive them towards new horizons.  Warriors will be available on a limited red translucent vinyl and can be ordered alongside a t-shirt, CD and an exclusive art print.

[August 07, 2020]
Alternative / Pop Rock
Base:  London, UK
Label / Booking / Press:
Marshall Records / KINDA



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