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“Sunken City”
out on April 26th 2019


Italian hardcore-metal act NEXT TIME MR. FOX has announced the release of their debut album “Sunken City”, who will be available in digital and physical version on April 26th.
Recorded/mixed at Wavemotion Recording Studio and with two guest appearance, the new album is an impressive step ahead for the quintet, as explained by them: “‘Sunken City’ is an experiment by Next Time Mr. Fox band releasing this first album.
In these 12 tracks we can find a lot of metal music influences: from metalcore – the pure band genre – to southern metal, guitars rhythms plays stolen from djent, hardcore open chords verses, evil thrash metal riffs who leave room to melodic sounds, deadly deathcore breakdowns alternate with slow beatdown/downtempo breakdowns.
Screams and growls always dominate the tracks, nevertheless the band shows versatility also on the singing point of view, including melodic vocals, with the presence of Gabriele Catoni from Let Them Fall (clean vocals) and Mattia Maffioli from Drown In Sulpuhr (screams and growls) on two songs. Intriguing to note the ending of different tracks who report similar sounds, those sounds are some of the “unexplained sounds” detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), used as enrichment to the meaning of the album. Breaks, stop’n’go, despair times and always a catchy taste are the keys who Next Time Mr. Fox used to link the old and the new school of metal music, with big basic ethics”

“Sunken City”

[April 26, 2019]

Genre: thrash metal, metalcore

Base: Cesena, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:

This Is Core Records





Sunken City



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