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“Wheel Of Time”
out on April 13th 2019


“Kavod” is a Jewish for word for “honour” but takes its root from “being heavy” so it represents both meanings, literally and figurative.

We started playing together in September 2017 and play the first show in January 2018 while at the end of the same year we recorded these three songs.

Our music comes from jams, while someone is tuning his instrument another one play a riff, than is starts the flow. We are three guys with different struggles, different backgrounds, different ages but we feel the necessity to exorcise our daily demons in this way. These demons take form in songs and we exorcise them playing and singing of what we fear, our weakness and our fragilities.

We use geometry and symbolism to carry the meaning of the songs out the musical context. The sound is just a part of Kavod, the visual part is done by Francesco Magi. Also we use to burn incense during our show. Anyway we don’t like to use screen or something else because we think our world is already too much focused in the wrong direction. The right way is focusing to the music, the sound, the artist and its mistakes because is what makes it real, human.

“Wheel Of Time”

[April 13, 2019]

stoner rock, doom, heavy psych, psychedelic rock

Perugia, Italy






Recorded at Suba Recording Studio 
Mix and Master by Stefano Atoragon 
Music and Lyrics by Kavod
Slow Riffs and Meditation
Music by Kavod
Artworks By Bncore





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