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‘The Beginning of A Long Hangover’ taken from the album ‘In A Late Country’
available everywhere September 16, 2022

Video directed by Irvan Dionisi. Music produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marc Trummer (Sinverse, Atropas, The Kate Effect) at Kid In The Studio.

"In A Late Country"

[September 16, 2022]
progressive metal, djent, metal
Base:  Switzerland
Label / Booking / Press: 
Eclipse Records

  are a djent metal band from Zurich, Switzerland who have continuously defied the traditional boundaries between metal’s various subgenres, while still keeping their sound fresh and engaging. In A Late Country is the band’s fifth full-length release. It is a post-apocalyptic djent metal concept album which tells the story of a young man trying to find his lost girlfriend in the midst of a government-controlled evacuation program dealing with an overpopulated city. The lyrics on the album are actually the lines of the various characters within the story, which (when looking at the album’s lyrics” read more like a script from a movie or television series. Pure science fiction, In A Late Country shatters the stereotypical norms within the djent metal genre. By utilizing synthesizers and ambient noise to accentuate the storyline and emotional journey of the characters therein, Mycelia have once again shown the world they are adept and capable of rewriting the djent metal genre’s typical playbook into something new, fresh, and forward thinking.



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