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“The Colossalist”
out on November 15th 2020 

VUKOVAR formed in a crumbling placefiller of a town in 2014. They were always dying and reorganized after cease to exist in 2019. Effete artists pretending to be northern hardcases pretending to be uniform fetishists in iconoclast drag. “Do not trust us; we are fragile stars.”

“The Colossalist”
[November 15th 2020]
devotional, new wave
Base:  England, UK
Label / Booking / Press:
Other Voices Records

All songs written and recorded by the 5/5 of Vukovar (except Hearing Voices written by Galaxie 500 and rewritten by Vukovar). Engineered and produced by The Brutalist House And The Ghosts In Their Machine. Mastered by Phil Reynolds. Hearing Voices features Simon Morris taken from various interviews and archive material.

Artwork by Andrzej Klimowski.
Layout by Oleg Galay.

… “Here Are Lions”



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