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After Daylight
“The Delicate Balance”
out on October 30th 2020 

After Daylight has been the solo project of Martin Bradley since 2018, with the main focus to produce multi layered instrumental music. Martin has been greatly influenced by other instrumental bands such as Mogwai, Mono, and Russian Circles for a number of years and wanted to explore the
possibilities in new musical soundscapes. 

Like the first three albums, it contains a varied range of musical ideas and emotions, with lots of multi-layered bass and guitars. The theme of the album is based around the feelings of frustration at rulings from governments and the pressures of today’s society on the individual, which result in the feeling of needing to escape from it all.
This will be After Daylight’s third record to be released on Tower Of Noise Records.

“The Delicate Balance”
After Daylight
[October 30th 2020]
instrumentals, post-punk, post-rock, shoegaze
Base:  Nottingham, UK
Label / Booking / Press:
Tower Of Noise Records

Written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Martin Bradley
Recorded at home in Nottingham, UK
The lead song from the album, ‘Stop Lying To Us’, will be released on 2
nd October 2020. Influences: Mogwai, Mono, Interpol, Slowdive, Ride, Loop, Echo and the Bunnymen, Russian Circles, Ranges, We Lost The Sea, My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division and Sonic Youth



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