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Finnish Heavy Doom Metallers BYRON (featuring former members of CHURCH OF VOID, HORNA and BATTLELORE) reveal album details and new single!

Byron is a melodic heavy metal band from Finland founded 2019 as a one-man studio project, now standing as a full-grown band. Byron mixes its eclectic sound with influences from various genres, such as occult rock and doom, topping it with themes and imagery of the arcane and the occult.
Participants at “The Omega Evangelion” -sessions were:
Johanna Eteläkari, Christoffer Frylmark: Vocals
Jaakko Puusaari, Jyri Vahvanen: Guitars
Johannes Lahti: Bass, guitar, drums, piano
+ Magus Corvus: Guest vocals

The band is excited to reveal today cover artwork, tracklist and the new killer single “Corn, Drought and the Lord”.

Byron V says: “The song “Corn, Drought and the Lord” is the second single taken from “The Omega Evangelion”, an occult rock song loosely based on the 1977 short story “Children of the Corn” by Stephen King – one of my favorite writers of all time. I’ve always wanted to do something musicwise as a tribute to mr. King, so this was a logical step to do as a part of this project.
The song started with a working title “Church of Void”, based on the legacy behind the name, having the bizarre reverend mr. Void and his congregation, the Church of Void, as it was originally made to the band but never made its way to decent rehearsal. But when the lyrics start to take their form, the song kind of started to give birth to itself and grew out of the original lyrical concept to how it eventually turned out to be.
It’s a great song with -to my ear atleast- a bit Ghost-ish chorus and once again, awesome guitar licks by mr. Puusaari, (as a fun fact to mention, recording the tracks on one stand, hearing the song first time on the same sessions. Phew.)”

“The Omega Evangelion”
[March 26, 2021]
Heavy Doom Metal
Base:  Finland
Label / Booking / Press: Goatmancer records / Grand Sounds PR

… “Corn, Drought and the Lord”



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