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Pure passion! Three very playful blokes who sacrifice everything for their cause of boiling heart blood, which the pump only gives.

 Axeman, speedfreak and shouter Jonathan Brutschin, bass player Toby Straumann and drummer Simon Straumann are FREAKINGS and whip the eardrums with ecstatic, wild, damn precise THRASH METAL! Old School to the bone!‘ is the motto of master Brutschin and the capable Straumann brothers. The fact that the Swiss 2017 compete again in the original line-up, speaks absolutely for the authenticity of the resistant Swiss trio.
Delicately degenerated and animal-mangy screaming awards the new album “Toxic End“, while jagged gangshouts according to the best proven UK-style are simply not to be missed.
Official release date for “Toxic End“ is March 6, 2017.
A cultivated pleasure for connoisseurs is surely also the flashy, toxic, sharp and technically delicate scrubbing guitar work, which neither lacks pressure nor bite. The fact that memories on the Californian grandmasters Slayer are rising at their fastest and most furious times is probably due to the upright subconsciousness of the three Helvetian ragers.
An equally upright as well as sympathetic career without blemish lies behind the hard-tried aggressors, which are located in Basel:
Founded in 2008 with beer-impregnated determination, FREAKINGS, after rehearsed hard, tried out and found their own style three years later, the first full-length “No Way Out” has been blown out. It quickly became clear, with this command, one must also reckon in the future.
In 2014, the follow-up “Gladiator” was even more vigorous. The album represented a troop that had devoted effortlessly to its abilities and skills, which was rewarded with increased attention and recognition in the scene.

Now, FREAKINGS are finally offering with “Toxic End“ the perfect accompanying music to the end of the world, which the stupid humanity does not seem to be able to wait any longer …

 "Toxic End"


Toxic End
thrash metal




… “Wave of Pain



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